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The Most Excellent Recruitment Program | B.E.S.T. Program

B.E.S.T., Your Recruitment Program
The B.E.S.T., or the Black Executive and Student Training, is your best option if you are searching for a recruitment program. Our program involves placing you, a successful black executive, in front of HBCU students so you can share your knowledge with them. By giving your insights and first-hand experience, these up-and-coming students will be prepared for the day they take their first steps into the chosen career path. The B.E.S.T. works greatly in your favor as it can serve as a recruitment program for you. During or after mentoring the students, you can recruit those HBCU students that want to be a part of your team or work in your field. Use our recruitment program to create the promising recruits you seek.

Knowledge is Power
The most effective recruitment program is one that allows you to have a hand in both the growth and training of your future recruits. As you are so-armed with the knowledge to thrive in the business world, sharing everything you know in our recruitment program will also give HBCU students the same power to thrive. You and the other executives that join our B.E.S.T. initiative can fill in the gaps the students may find in their higher education. Your involvement will also, hopefully, ignite their desire to be part of your business as you teach them how to be better versions of themselves. As you can tell, this recruitment program of ours will serve you in two ways: it gives you a chance to contribute to positive change, and you can build a recruitment pipeline. Getting Involved
If you want to get involved in our recruitment program, you can be a part of it in two ways. First, you can join in as a mentor and take part in Classroom Conversations, Town Hall Talks, or as part of our one-on-one Mentoring Progam. If you cannot be directly involved (or you choose not to), you can still help the B.E.S.T. recruitment program by being our sponsor. However you choose to contribute, we would be more than happy to accept your helping hand.

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