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Outstanding Black Executive Mentorship | B.E.S.T. Program

Finding Better Futures
As responsible and capable adults, it is our duty to pave the way for a better future for our children. And if we cannot create that path, then the best we can do is help them navigate it. Each person, group, or institution has its methods, while ours at the B.E.S.T. is to assist HBCU students with black executive mentorship programs. As the name implies, our black executive mentorship programs involve putting HBCU students and prosperous black executives in one room together to conduct one-on-one mentoring sessions. This can be done during school time or after, depending on the mentorship. By getting our HBCU students within close proximity of an executive, they can learn directly from them, be it experiences or insights. If you, a well-to-do black executive, were to join our black executive mentorship program, you can help a lot of black students find successful careers and better futures. If you would like to be part of the B.E.S.T.’s bid for change, then join our black executive mentorship initiative.

Core Programs for Black Executive Mentorship
Of our programs, we have three core ones in the B.E.S.T. that you be a part of. First is holding Classroom Conversations, where you will have 60-minutes to talk about something with the students. You can touch on specific topics, maybe something about your company or your life. The second one within our black executive mentorship initiative is hosting Town Hall Talks, which is a great program for you and the students to share ideas between yourselves. The third one involves one-on-one mentoring, and it is called the Mentoring Program. This form of black executive mentorship will give an HBCU student a chance to see the business world with their own eyes and learn what the demands or expectations are. In addition to these, if you cannot take part in our black executive mentorship core programs, we do have other means. You can write newsletters, host webinars, and so on. You can always take care in other ways.

What’s In It For You?
Helping HBCU students find a place in their chosen field can really help them find and enjoy a better future. With your wisdom and guidance, you can help shape the next generation of black leaders. Now, if you are looking for something in return for your efforts. Through our black executive mentorship, you can form a viable recruiting pipeline, taking in those you believe have the potential to work in your field. Then, for those who you feel aren’t a good fit for you or your business, you can always guide them towards better mentors or ventures. As a matter of speaking, by giving these students a headstart in their journey to find success, you will have some individuals who can help you and your business.

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