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Black Executive Training Program | B.E.S.T. Program

Raising New Leaders from HBCU Students
Creating new leaders for the future is not an easy endeavor, yet, it doesn’t have to be difficult. The B.E.S.T. Program assists HBCU students find a place in their chosen future careers through a black executive training program. The black executive training program takes the form of three core programs we have within our Black Executive and Student Training Program. But lessons and textbook examples can only present so much for our HBCU students. Thus, our black executive training program takes on already established black executives, professionals, and community leaders as mentors. They bring with them a wealth of experience, insights, and lessons that would benefit the students within our black executive training program. But how are these essential elements shared?

The Cores of Our Black Executive Training Program
We have three core programs, as well as several support programs, that make up the entirety of the black executive training program. The first of these is the Classroom Conversation program. Here, black executives or professionals will act as guest lecturers for 60 minutes, melding their own experiences with the lesson of the day. The second core of our black executive training program is the Mentoring Program. Students will get the chance to see and feel what it’s like to work in a job on the executive level, perfect for setting expectations. And the last is the Town Hall Talks, where HBCU and black executives and leaders gather to talk about the social concerns and current events. Both a great black executive training program option and an opportunity to deal with potential misunderstandings.

Support For Change
The purpose of our black executive training program is to help create change in the futures of our students. Even they do not become tomorrow’s leaders, we at the B.E.S.T. Program hope to present them with the opportunities they need to take fate into their hands. As a sponsor-driven company, we rely on the help of individuals or groups that want to also create change. You don’t have to be someone on the executive or professional level to support our goals. There are other ways you can help. Are you ready to make a change for everyone?

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