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Your Mentorship Program | Best Program

The BEST Mentorship Program
The Black Executive and Student Training program (or B.E.S.T. for short) is a project, driven by sponsors, that sees HBCU students pair up with Black executives as a means to navigate the path leading from higher education to successful careers in all workplaces. We are a mentorship program that is designed to support, empower, and ensure the success of our future generation of Black leaders. You can be a part of this mentorship program in one of many ways. You can join as an HBCU student, a Black executive, or even as a school looking to sponsor or partner with us. Be a part of our great mentorship program!

Our Core Programs
To provide our future generation of Black leaders with the most effective and efficient mentoring model, we at the B.E.S.T. offer four core programs. Each mentorship program places a Black executive in front of an HBCU student as a means to share insights, experience, and industry knowledge. And not only does each mentorship program help students learn ‘straight from the source,’ but it also makes the talent pool of educated Black students visible to all. We offer four core programs: Classroom Conversions, Town Hall Talks, Mentoring Program, and Additional Programming & Support. We believe every one of our programs is essential to preparing future graduates for the workplace. But the B.E.S.T. program does not stop at classroom visits or with a mentorship program.

Do You Want to Help?
Our goal with the B.E.S.T. Program is to reach all students of color in every public or private HBCU schools and colleges all over the country. As a sponsor-driven mentorship program, we are funded by partners through two-year financial commitments. We even solicit support from willing volunteers and other foundations in the area. If you would like to contribute your financial help or services, be one of our partners! Our work, mentorship program, and efforts would not be here without you!

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