Focused Training for HBCU Students

The B.E.S.T Program supports the next generation of leaders by placing Black professional executives into HBCU classrooms to share industry knowledge, insights, and experiences. Additionally, a host of other personal networking and leadership activities are in place to provide personal and professional development experiences beyond those found in the classroom. Most notably, sponsor partners have the opportunity to build a viable Black student recruitment pipeline, and provide 1:1 mentoring for students attending HBCUs.

Critical to ensuring the success of the emerging generation of leaders, studies have shown that development and engagement programs are critical tools to prepare college graduates for the workplace.

Program Components

B.E.S.T. Student “Champions” are empowered by volunteer Black executive professionals. A partnership between the B.E.S.T. program administrators, Deans of participating schools, and Campus Career Services will provide mentoring support designed to help navigate their way through personal, academic, and career development.

classroom conversations

Classroom Conversations

60-minute classroom visits by Black executives, “coaches” from sponsor companies to engage as guest lecturers on core curriculum content and real life experiences.

town hall talks

Town Hall Talks

Special event conversations that bring community leaders and students together to discuss current issues, the media, politics and government practices that affect Black lives in industry, government and the economy.

mentoring program

Mentoring Program

Students are supported by a mentoring team, on a 1:1 basis, to inform and guide them through their career development options by exposing them to the demands and expectations for their chosen career fields; providing insights into skills needed to make them globally competitive and provides access to a wide pool of talent and successful executives in corporate America.

programming & support

Additional Programming & Support

  • Webinars: typically hosted by executive sponsors
  • Case competition: annual events
  • Website/Newsletter
  • International Cultural/Business Exchange Program(s) Schools
  • Annual Career Fairs
  • Annual Conference
  • Giveback Activities


The B.E.S.T. program is a sponsor driven initiative dependent on renewable 2 year financial commitments to fund the work. In addition to sponsorship support from large entities, the program solicits financial support from individual volunteers and foundations.

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